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Conroe Criminal Defense Lawyer

Conroe Criminal Defense Lawyer

Facing an arrest and subsequent filing of criminal charges can be a frightening, confusing, and stressful situation. Even if the case is only a misdemeanor under state law, a conviction will create a criminal record and have long-lasting consequences. Felony cases, on the other hand, are much more serious and can result in a minimum prison sentence of at least one year—while the harshest sentences can result in life imprisonment or even, the death penalty.

Approach your case from a position of knowledge and strength. Provide yourself with a vital advantage by hiring a Conroe criminal defense lawyer to take the lead. Raphael Ortega is a former felony prosecutor and ICE trial attorney. He is an experienced legal professional that is prepared to explain the laws that control your case, evaluate evidence, and craft a strategic defense. Raphael utilizes a client-centered approach to represent your interests in court. He is a fierce advocate,  ensuring that his clients are never left in the dark – even in the darkest moments.

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Any criminal allegation has the potential to change your life forever. Even if the case is only a misdemeanor under state law, convictions will create criminal records, harm your reputation, and may result in a jail sentence. It is critical that you be prepared to address these charges as quickly as possible with the strongest advocate by your side.

Hiring a Conroe criminal defense lawyer to help you may be a step in the right direction. A dedicated attorney like Raphael Ortega, as a former felony prosecutor, is ready to explain the laws that control your case, explain prosecution tactics used to build a case against you, obtain evidence that helps prove your innocence, and guide you through every court hearing and potential trial. Call now to schedule a free confidential consultation and discuss the details of your case with a qualified legal professional serving Conroe and The Woodlands.